Associated Grocers to Acquire Sully's Superette in Goffstown

December 20, 2012

Sully's Superette has announced an agreement to sell their business to Associated Grocers of New England. "Sully's has been in operation since 1937 and was founded by John and Lillian Sullivan," says Mike Bourgoine, President and CEO of Associated Grocers of New England. "Since that time, Sully's has remained a family business. The current owners are the founder's grandson, John, and his wife, Debbie Denoncourt. They are both actively involved in daily operations of the store."

Sully's was originally located on South Main Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. The business expanded in 1987 to a new second location in Goffstown, New Hampshire. "The original store was eventually closed in order to focus attention and build upon the success of the larger Goffstown location. The store has continued to carry on our family commitment to quality products and personalized customer service," said John and Debbie Denoncourt.

The store's cornerstone location, at a main intersection on Route 114 in Goffstown, is easily accessible. Sully's is well known in Goffstown for their community involvement and attention to the needs of their customers. The store is also especially well known for its Meat Department and fresh foods. "Sully's has been an Affiliated Store customer of AG New England for several years and it is a logical transition for the family to pass the reins of the business to a company that is fully dedicated to the success of the independent retail grocers who are the owners of the cooperative," concluded Denoncourt.

"Our plans are to keep the same great quality products and dedicated team of employees in place in Goffstown," continued Mike Bourgoine. In addition to supplying independent stores, AG New England owns and operates a number of stores through a subsidiary company. The stores operate under the name Harvest Market of Bedford, Hollis and Wolfboro, as well as Vista Foods in Laconia and Newport, Vermont. "We intend to continue operations under the Sully's name for the foreseeable future," concluded Bourgoine. "We're extremely pleased to be acquiring this successful business. John and Debbie Denoncourt will continue ownership of the real estate."

AG New England supplies over 600 stores across New England and into the upstate New York Albany area from their modern distribution center in Pembroke, New Hampshire. AG New England is owned entirely by Independent Retail Grocers as members of a cooperative, and is the largest retailer-owned, wholesale grocery distribution center in New England. AG New England and its Associated Convenience Grocers group serves independent retail food stores in Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the Upstate New York Albany area.