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 Golden Goose Market 

 Boston, MA  


One size – or one solution – simply does not fit all. Every store and every marketplace is different. That's why we're flexible and always willing to provide the right solutions to meet every store's needs. When a retailer has a question, concern or problem, what they get from Associated Grocers of New England is a quick, solution-oriented response.

We’re eager to tell you more about what AGNE has to offer and how we can serve your store or stores. We have the dedication, technology, resources, experience and people that make a big difference for any Independent Retailer.

Our team of over two dozen retail counselors and product specialists provides in-store retail support that can make a big difference. Services include training and assistance with all aspects of retailing… working hands-on at the store level to help retailers make the most of their operations. With specialists in Produce, Deli/Bakery, Meats, and Center Store Products, we're up-to-date on what's working today and how to strengthen any store’s operations.

We understand the importance of good communication. Customer service and sales support associates work closely with retail counselors and specialists to form a communications network that optimizes service to every store. Armed with a working knowledge of the competitive marketplace and the full support and resources of the Distribution Center, the AGNE team of counselors greatly assists retailers by developing and implementing programs that substantially benefit store operations.

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