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When you sign on with AGNE you will be assigned a Retail Counselor who will work closely with you to learn all about AGNE and the programs available to you and get your store ordering and ready to service customers quickly and efficiently.

Our Retail Counseling team takes pride in their hands-on approach to helping our retailers. AGNE has continued to expand the counseling team to ensure that we will always provide the in-store retail support that our customers have come to know and trust. Our counselors have experience in all aspects of the store, from perimeter to center-store, and understand what it takes to run a successful store.

We also continue to invest in our team by hosting monthly sales meetings where we go over new products, services, and features that are available to our retailers to help them run a successful store. We also work closely with all the Retail Programs teams at AGNE to make sure that our retailers will always get the correct and most well-rounded service they need.  

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