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Our Retail Pricing team offers a portfolio of services designed to help your store assign, regulate and maintain retails for all warehouse items sold by AGNE. This program recognizes that retail pricing means something different to each of our customers depending on their format, size, market area and competition. Another benefit of our program is that we also offer sale tags to ensure accurate shelf tag retails on items in the weekly ad. This takes any additional stress off the retailer of having to remember to order sale tags every week.

Retail Pricing also offers DSD scan support services - the maintenance and electronic transfer of DSD items for pricing, costs, retails, allowances, TPR’s, sale and new items to your store on a weekly basis. Pricing is similarly responsible for warehouse scan support, which consists of daily and weekly files sent directly to the store to maintain all item information and pricing as needed. Similar to DSD scan support, this includes new items, cost changes, retail changes, and any promotional information. Retail Pricing also supports WIC, tax, bottle deposit and SNAP product attribute, and offers electronic invoicing services for varying POS formats.

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