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Twice a year AGNE hosts a CORE Food Show. These Food Shows, hosted in the spring and fall, offer the retailer an in-depth look at the variety of products that our vendors carry. Connecting retailers and vendors ensures a transparent relationship between retailers, vendors, and the warehouse.

We also have several booths representing all of the retailer programs that AGNE offers. This allows the retailers to meet face-to-face with each of the Retail Services departments, get to know the people that have helped them throughout the year, and learn about new or different programs that they may not have taken advantage of.

After the Food Show closes, Associated Grocers of New England, and the represented vendors donate all the remaining products to the New Hampshire Food Bank. This helps us to fulfill our Mission Statement goals - a concern for the communities we serve.


It didn’t quite make it on our Mission Statement, but we at AGNE believe in the saying, “work hard, play hard”. There is no better representation of that than our AG Retailer Trip that takes place every year. AGNE offers discounted travel and accommodations to our member retailers to a tropical destination where you can get to know the Senior Team at your warehouse, and fellow member owners of the co-op. These trips are a great way to relax in between the busy holiday season, and right before you start to gear up for the spring and summer.

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